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Enterprise Operations Systems based on a
Comprehensive Accounting Database
Distribution - Manufacturing - Project Management -Timber
Contracting & Job Costing
Timber Industries
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Warehouse Management Software
Manufacturing Management Software
Integrated Barcode Scanning
Order Processing
Integrated Barcode Scanning
PAYG Compliant Payroll
LILAC ERP Business Software Integrates
Customer Database, Accounts, Invoices, Inventory, Barcode Scanning, Freight, Payroll, Financial Reporting.
Warehouse Manager
Manufacturing Manager
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.
On the local network with remote access.
Optimised for Windows 10.
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Distribution & Wholesale
Computerised Warehouse Management Barcode Based Processing & Freight.
Sales Order Processing - Invoicing - Inventory & Stock Control.
Project Management - Job Costing
Work in Progress Accounting
Construction Management
Contract Management
Specialised Timber, Metal, & Bulk
Industry Packages. Software Integrated
Cutting, Manufacturing, Storage, Distribution, Online Sales, Retail Point of Sale & Reporting.
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Manufacturing Accounting -
Work Centre Tracking - Bill of Materials
Material Requirements Planning - Scanning Integrated with Business Software.
Integrated Barcode Scanning
Handheld or Forklift mounted Barcode Scanner.
Motorola Mini Computer & Barcode Scanner.
Cipher Lab RS30 Android
Mobile Computer/Phone/Scanner.
All of these devices are linked to your accounting database.

Let us deploy an advanced eCommerce web-shop system fully integrated with your internal ERP data base using our LILAC Business Software package and integrated www server features.

Home Page & Website Presence
Catalogue & Pricelists
Stock Availability
Shopping Basket
Banking - Credit Card & Paypal Interface

Let us design the system that suits your business.
Hire us on an hourly rate, and we will provide a unbiased and optimised assessment of your IT, computing and network connectivity needs entirely tailored to your aspirations without any prejudiced over-selling.

Application Modules
Computer Hardware Specs
Network Configuration
Warehouse Management Software
Manufacturing Management Software
Software Design

Lennox Computer can deploy advanced system analysis and programming skills to design software to suit your specific requirements. Whether it be in-house database, web-site or eCommerce applications, or mass market "apps". Tell us your ideas and let us create leading-edge software for your business.

Windows Applications
Client/Server Networking
Laser Scanner Data Capture
Wide Area Networking
Support Services

Serious commercial IT systems need long-term support and supervision. Technology changes. Computer hardware ages. Data-bases grow in size. The sophistication and complexity required by state-of-the art IT operations increases in leaps and bounds. Lennox Computer offer contracted support arrangements to stay on-top of your long-term IT business operations.

Software Updates
Database Housekeeping
Hardware Expansion & Replacement
Hardware & Networking

We can design, supply and install computers, network appliances and Internet connectivity to make your business connected in the fullest sense, including data-base servers, web-servers & mail-servers.

Workstation PCs
Hubs, Switches & Routers
Wireless Access Points
Hand Held Barcode Scanners

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Windcreen Replacement & Repair
Sales Order Processing
Touch Screen Applications
Inventory & Spare Parts Systems
PAYG Professional Payroll
Large Screen Digital Display
General Ledger
Microsoft Excel Integration
Warehouse Manager
Wide Area Networks & Remote Access
Phone, eMail, On-Site
Manufacturing Manager
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