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Linking Physical Business Processes to the Accounting Database
Client Server Structure
Enterprise Operations Systems - Small and Medium Size Business
Accounting Database Support - Server Hosting
Distribution - Manufacturing - Project Management -Timber - Bulk Industries
Accounting Features
Purchase Order Processing
Distribution & Wholesale
Computerised Warehouse Management Barcode Based Processing & Freight.
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Sales Order Processing - Invoicing - Inventory & Stock Control
Linking Physical Business Processes to the Accounting Database.
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Lennox Computer Established 1984
Providing Accounting Database Support across Australia.

Barcode Scanning
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with the LILAC Accounting Database.
Through efficient data entry -
Designed for -
Whole of Enterprise Automation Software
Accounting Database - Purchase & Sales Order Processing
Website Design and Self Maintenance - Intergrated Ecommerce - and much more
LILAC Links Physical Business Activities -
Stock Movement & Sales
Manufacturing Processes
Production Processes
Job Costing
Timber & Bulk Materials Handling
Combined with on-site LILAC Barcode -
Generation, Printing, and Scanning.
Job Costing & Construction
Timber Yards & Sawmills
Bulk Industries
LILAC is an enterprise automation program integrating inventory, sales, invoicing, accounting, freight, manual processes, and more.

Microsoft Windows based, LILAC uses a Client Client/Server structure, allowing multiple connections from multiple computers simultaneously over a wired Local Area Network (LAN) and remotely via internet or 4G mobile connections.

Remote Work Station and Mobile connections are possible from anywhere in the world with normal public internet connectivity.

LILAC maintains a comprehensive set of accounts reflecting the accounting implications of all business activities.

Any number of seperate accounting entities are permitted within a business structure, allowing inter-relationships between entities, within or distinct from a head office structure.

For businesses reliant on phyical handling, (component assembly and production processes), LILAC links Work Centre Tracking to an integrated accounting database - through touch screens or barcode scanning.

Purchasing records can be applied to any good or service.

LILAC implements a 3-phase sequence:
- Purchase Order
- Goods Received
- Purchase Invoice (Accounting Record)

These correlated documents are stored in the database providing a permanent electronic paper trail.

Sales Order Processing provides a flexible front-end to the Inventory Module, generating Picking Slips, Work Orders, Delivery Dockets, Freight Documentation, etc.

Internationally imported goods, domestic goods, and goods produced internally are handled by the Sales Module.

Items with specialised measurement requirements such as timber, steel, liquids, sheet products, bulk products, meat, grain, and perishables are provided for.

A no-compromise, full stored transaction history model, with individual in/out debIt/credit accounts maintained for each individual product. Tracking orders, purchases, sales, transfers, stock take, issuing, requisitioning and other transaction types.

Warehouse Management
LILAC allows the user to build an electronic copy of a warehouse providing for 30,000 different pallet, or product locations.

All product movement and stock levels are integrated with the LILAC accounting database through barcode scanning or manual data entry. Labels and barcodes are printed on-site by the software.

WiFi laser scanners communicate with the LILAC Database, allowing products to be received into warehouse locations, moved from location to location, and despatched outbound, by simply scanning the barcode on the racking, and the barcode on the product, carton, or pallet. Labels are formatted to the EAN-128 standard for compatibility with external logistic systems.

Work Centre Tracking
Track any number of active or in-active work orders.

Scan - Job Begin.
Scan - Job Complete.
Scan - Work Centre(2); or Stock Location.

View progress without the need for process interruption or a paper log. Work Centre Tracking information can be similcast on a live Large Screen Display.

Transactions are added to appropriate accounts in real time. Up-to-the-minute reports including Profit or Loss, & Balance Sheets are instantly available as a result of normal day-to-day business transcation processing. Detailed reports are generated by refining report parameters.