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Microsoft Office Integration
LILAC reports run as an independent process on the LILAC Server and transmit their output to a client window on a LILAC workstation PC.

The data which may consist of hundreds or thousands of pages, is presented in a high performance scrolling window using virtual memory, on the client PC to store the report image.

The servers role, and resource commitment on the server ends with the completion of output of the report data to the client window.
Convert to Excel
A 'button' > Convert to Excel menu is available in the LILAC report window, to create a Microsoft Excel version of the report data. Excel is invoked, and the data transferred directly, the data is not in fact "saved" to the hard drive of the workstation to achieve this, though of course it may subsequently be saved as any supported Excel format from within the Excel window.

Once the data is in the Excel context the operator is at liberty to reformat it, and introduce formulae and calculations as desired, and of course exploit Excel's formidable graphing and charting capabilities.

The column names, widths etc are preset by the report writer, and the resulting Excel spreadsheet is ready to roll without any significant parsing or reformatting of the column layout.
XML Support
Extensible Markup Language is the future standard for data-base import/export and Electronic Data Interchange. LILAC contains strong support for XML formats now and increasingly as Microsoft improve their support for XML in Windows and Office applications.
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