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LILAC Asset Register Software
Asset Register
LILAC Asset Register is a sub-module of the LILAC General Ledger module which permits the user to keep records of individual fixed assets - items of plant, equipment, vehicles, buildings, machinery, tools etc - in terms of their value, costs depreciation and taxation requirements.

A control account is established in the LILAC Balance Sheet for each class of asset, and a depreciation schedule is dynamically maintained in the data base, listing the asset items in each class, and allowing progressive write-down, and depreciation expensing by diminishing value or prime costs calculation as required.
Provision is made to generate the appropriate debits and credits in the LILAC integrated database to reflect the depreciation of each asset for a given period - to reduce the asset value in the balance sheet, and accrue expanse postings in the trading ledger.

Of course in the nature of the LILAC double entry system, purchase, sale, maintenance etc of assets is reflected by natural double entries with any and all of the LILAC integrated ledgers.
Equipment Maintenance Scheduling System
The book-keeping aspect of assets managed by the Asset Register module can be further extended by use of the LILAC Equipment Maintenance module. This allows the recording and management of much more extensive details about each item of plant or equipment, and the specification of scheduled maintenance requirements, and the accrual of a long-term maintenance history.
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