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LILAC Debtors Ledger
The Debtors Ledger (or Accounts Receivable) is an integrated accounting ledger tracking money owed to the business by customers who purchase goods or services. Generally, debits are generated by sales order processing and invoicing.

The Debtor Account is used to establish and edit data associated with individual debtors. Sales Order Processing, Invoicing, Debtor Receipt, and Debtor Statement documents interface with the Debtors Ledger to provide full finanacial management handling very large volume transactions and intergrated eCommerce sales.

Specific fields within individual Debtor Accounts determine:
Terms (Ageing)
Credit Limits
Discount & Price Selection
Invoicing Options
Head Office and Branch Accounts

Real-time postings are added to an indefinite debtor transaction history, generating an extensive database allowing tracking, analysis, and reporting.