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LILAC Distribution and Wholesale
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Accounting & Financials
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Supply Chain & Freight Management
LILAC Software covers sophisticated industry requirements:
Advanced Forecasting and Stock Replenishment
Warehouse Management
Picking, Packing, and Shipping
Inventory Control System
Products, or items, are identified within an Inventory Ledger by a Product Code comprising up to 16 alphanumeric characters.

Each Product Code has a fully stored transaction history within the database. Individual in/out, debit/credit, transactions are maintained for each product. Real time tracking of orders, purchases, sales, and transfers are instantly available within LILAC.

Warehouse and Freight Manager
The Warehouse Manager Program links barcode scanning activities, (product storage, sale, and freight), with the enterprise accounting database.

A 'check and balance' logic is embedded in the software which can ensure only correct scanning processes are followed. That is, an incompatible scan prevents an operator from proceeding with an in-correct work order, sale, or shipment.

Barcodes can be for internal use, and/or formatted to the EAN-128 standard for compatibility with external freight systems such as Australia Post, Toll IPEC, etc.

Barcodes and Labels are simply printed on-site by LILAC Software.

Stock Account
Up to 16 character Product Code is the primary key for each Stock Account.
40 character Product Description
for ordering & invoicing.
6 Selling prices for various applications.
Real Time Visibility:

Current Costs

Supplier Orders

Un-invoiced Orders

Customer Orders

Items In Production

Flexibility exists to display
any information required.
CAD Image & bitmapped graphics captured for presentation & eCommerce applications.
Extended description text.
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