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LILAC Data Vault Active Features
Data Vault Architecture
The LILAC Data Vault consists of a very large scale database containing Verity Documents presenting specification and image data for individual LILAC stock products. There may be several documents associated with each product code and the individual product documents are derived from template verity documents saved on the root folder of the LILAC Active Server module - typically c:\Data3\XXHO on the LILAC server, but generally accessed via the 'Blue Folder" technology implemented in the LILAC client window.

The Data Vault documents are stored separately from the main LILAC data base using Lennox Computer 64-bit BINStore technology which is effectively unlimited in size.
Group & Product Selection
Group and product selection is implemented by means of an active function in Active Server called GroupSelection.asp - an iframe object using that URL is positioned suitably in the Verity Banner document used by each template.
Extractor Technology
A property is available in any verity text object to permit the contents for web display to be "extracted" from the LILAC data base e.g.


The extractor process is a purpose written GTL snippet which accesses the database as required - for example to return Description / Product Code
.product "file type" URL
The buttons in the Banner Document will link to URL specification of the form:




This instructs Active Server to retrieve the selected product specification from the Data Vault, not the original template document from the web root folder.
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