LILAC Server Hardware Package
LILAC Server Hardware Configuration
Modern PC using Intel Quad Core processor chips are very powerful, and almost any PC configuration manufactured in recent times will work well as a basic LILAC server.

The optimal server configuration for a particular enterprise will depend on many criteria including scale of operations, number of local and remote workstation connections, and other demands on resources such as CAD software, Office automation software etc.
Lennox Computer offer to supply and install a server PC product which is highly optimised for LILAC, operations, has plenty of capacity to act as a file server, as well, and can perform the Microsoft Domain Controller role in medium to larger network infrastructure.

Even where an existing network infrastructure is in place, the quality and configuration can be quite suspect, and as consequence it is often sensible to add a new server to an existing network, and plan to phase out old server operations over time.
The actual configuration offered varies almost from week to week as a general guide the highlights offered are.

INTEL i7 Quad Core CPU ~ 3.4 GHz

2000 Mz Front Side Bus

16 Giga-bytes of DDR3 RAM Memory

2000 Giga-bytes of SATA Hard Drive

DVD-RW Optical Drive fror Backup

Thermal Efficient Server Tower Case

21.5" Widescreen ASUS LCD Monitor

Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Installation and Configuration as a LILAC Server & Domain Controller.
Hardware prices fluctuate frequently, but as rough guide the cost of a Lennox Computer supplied, configured and installed server PC is around $4,500 $Australian, including the cost of Windows Server 2008
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Server Roles
The Windows server PC can undertake many roles in the enterprise. Probably the most important general concept is centralisation of all aspects of IT operations which can become very labour intensive if allowed to proliferate over large numbers of computers.

Centralised secure log-ins, file sharing, printer adminstration, internet connectivity, mail-serving, web-serving, database serving, eCommerce. etc.etc are much easier and efficiently managed in a server environment.
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