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LENNOX COMPUTER provide comprehensive support for the operation of our software products at customer sites according to the following terms and conditions:
A supported customer is the purchaser of a licence to use one of our software products (e.g. LILAC, QCAD, Verity, Active Server etc), who enters into a software support arrangement with LENNOX COMPUTER according to these terms and conditions and who pre-pays the appropriate support fee on a monthly basis.
A supported customer has the following rights under these terms:
Any software defects encountered by the customer and reported to LENNOX COMPUTER in an accurate and complete fashion in written form, will be corrected, and new software modules issued at no additional charge. This provision does not provide for the addition of new facilities to the software, which may be considered desirable by the customer, or for improvement, as opposed to correction of the software.
A supported customer may receive and have installed on his / her computer system a new corrected and enhanced complete release of the software from time to time as nominated by the customer or negotiated with LENNOX COMPUTER. If new releases are required more frequently than once a quarter additional charges may be levied. Each new release will contain all new features and improvements undertaken by LENNOX COMPUTER in general, in the development of the software products that are appropriate to the supported customer's application. Any special features that have been designed, programmed and incorporated into previous versions of the software for the benefit of a supported customer, are guaranteed to be present in a compatible or enhanced form in the new version(s).
A supported customer has the right to request assistance from LENNOX COMPUTER by eMail or telephone during normal office hours (8 AM to 4 PM), in connection with any problem, or need for advice that may arise in the operation of LENNOX COMPUTER's software products, or associated products supplied by LENNOX COMPUTER, such as Operating Systems or computer hardware. Such a request may be classified as either urgent or advisory. In the case of an urgent request for assistance every attempt will be made to put the supported customer in direct contact with a LENNOX COMPUTER software support specialist, either in our office or at another customer's site if necessary. In any case LENNOX COMPUTER guarantees a response to an urgent request for support within 1/2 of a working day.
Where LENNOX COMPUTER have supplied Operating System (O/S) software including but not limited to Windows 7/8/10 or Sever edition, then a supported customer has the right to the support of the O/S software, subject to condition (2.4) below.
A supported customer retains the right to training and retraining services from Lennox Computer. The time incurred by Lennox Computer staff in providing training and retraining of staff will be separately chargeable where the re-training is required as a consequence of staff changes within the user organisation as opposed to changes and upgrades in the software.
A supported customer has the right to request assistance from Lennox Computer staff in the operation of the software from time to time for reconciliation, balancing, reporting, and general operation, and such assistance will be made available at an additional hourly rate published by Lennox Computer, and subject to change.
In accepting these terms and conditions, the supported customer undertakes the following:
To nominate an employee (a single individual) who is responsible for the co-ordination and communication of all matters related to software support.
To maintain a log-book of the operation of the computer system including at least the following events:

Time and date of backup.

Time and date of any extraordinary event, including accurate and complete recording of all diagnostic
information, messages, numbers etc, displayed on the screen by the software.

Changes of Accounting Periods and batch numbering.

Time and date of Garbage Collection* runs.

Time and date and details of new software installation.
The supported customer will maintain the computer equipment to a reasonable and adequate level, either by purchasing hardware maintenance services from LENNOX COMPUTER, or from a third party as appropriate. If another party is involved in the supply of hardware maintenance, then in the event of a fault arising in the equipment, all rights that the supported customer has under these terms will be suspended until such time as the fault is rectified. If the customer purchases hardware support from LENNOX COMPUTER then he may regard the support as integrated hardware and software support with LENNOX COMPUTER responsible for the solution of all problems.
Where O/S support is provided the supported customer undertakes that LENNOX COMPUTER will be the sole source of O/S software support and no other party will be permitted to interfere with the O/S software. Where the customer or his staff undertake the installation of any software product which may impact on the O/S, Registry, Initialisation and Set-up of the O/S without consulting Lennox Computer then the support service will be suspended until the situation is rectified at additional cost to the customer. The provision of inclusive O/S support is limited to local networks with less than 10 PC's connected. Where a Microsoft Windows Server O/S is deployed a seperate network support contract should be entered into with Lennox Computer.
All LENNOX COMPUTER software products, support services and computer equipment are supplied "FOB" at our Brisbane office. From time to time LENNOX COMPUTER may provide goods and services at a customers site. In such cases all costs associated with travel, accommodation and shipping are to be met by the customer, and must be paid immediately, or charged to the customer's account with the carrier.
* "Garbage Collection" is the term used in LILAC operations for an optional process comprising archive, erasure & summarisation of older transaction detail in order to reduce the size of the database and increase the speed and efficiency of operation.
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