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LILAC Manufacturing Management Software
Manufacturing Manager
Manufacturing Manager is the extension module regulating manufacturing, and production activites, for LILAC, on the factory floor.

Through a closed looped barcode scanning system, data is entered into the LILAC database. This provides an avenue for consitent processes to be followed, and chain of custody generation.

Materials used and time records are also seamlessly recorded. Associated real time progress and cost reports are made possible given the data captured through Manufacturing Manager scanning.

Barcode based scanning is fast and error free. Working with you and according to your requirements, Lennox Computer can quite simply create the correct, closed loop scanning sequence for your processes.

Manufacuring Manager is easily adjusted overtime at your request, or as further opportunities for growth or improvement are realised.

Lennox Computer specialises in intergrating manual processes with the LILAC enterprise accounting database - handling the full ERP suite - Debtors, Creditors, Order Processing, Logistics, Payroll, and much more.
LILAC labels are formatted to the EAN-128 standard for consistency and compatibility with external logistic systems.

Labels and barcodes for components, products, manual processes, and freight are easily printed on-site by the LILAC Stock Account Document.

Paper, polymer plastic, and cloth stationary are suitable various environments, e.g. indoors, outdoors, moisture, heat, and sunlight.

Tear-off as you proceed/stub barcodes are useful in certain circumstances, as are tag with hole/tag with loop barcodes, which enable a barcode to be moved freely for processes involving surface treatment, welding, or similar.

WiFi and cellular phone based laser scanners communicate dynamically on-line with the LILAC database, allowing products to be received into warehouse locations, moved from location to location, manufactured, and despatched outbound - by simply scanning the barcode on the racking point, and the product or batch as it moves through various work stations to despatch.
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