LILAC supports barcode and label printing on any stationary:

Capturing any information:

• Paper
• Polymer Plastic
• Cloth
• Adhesive
• Tag with Hole
• Tag with Tail
• Thermal or Direct Transfer
• Materials
• Processes
• Weights
• Location
• Destination
• Etc

Any product in the Inventory ledger may have a Bill of Materials defined, allowing for the creation, storage, and editing of a list of components.

The generation of a Work Order can check stock levels, and if desired, register or reserve stock components contained in the bill of materials. Automatic component requistioning can also be established for component stock items found to be below minimum levels.

BOMs can be configured at a single level, or may contain sub-assembly or nesting.

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LILAC Manufacturing - Production, Processing, and Scheduling
Integrate, Plan, Track, Monitor, and Display
• Material Use
• Scheduling
• Production
• Status
• Inventory
• Freight

Combined with all core Order Processing, Invoicing, and Accounting Database functions of LILAC.
Work Order - A Production and Scheduling Control Document
A Work Order may exist on paper, card, and digitally. It is derived from a Sales Order or Internal Productions Order, and serves as the control document for manufacturing or production.

LILAC captures data in production environments through any combination of scanning, touch pads, or keyboard entry. Data is fed into a Work Order document to regulate a production proccess, seamlessly providing an electronic paper trail for reporting and analysis, as well as a permanent historical chain of custody.

This process is suitable for many applications.
Multiple Work Orders Displayed - Scheduling & Quality Control
Work Orders can be complimented by one, or several, large screen live display boards located throughout a production area, dispatch area, and office setting. Digital boards display selected scheduling or manufacturing information. Capturing and storing data digitally allows progress management without interruption or excessive paper sceduling or logging.

• Material Use
• Status of Work Order
• Shipping Date
• .....any required information
Welding Job Display
Bill of Materials (BOM) & Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
• Materials
• Product Codes
• Quantities
• Dimensions
• Descriptions
• Costs
• Assembly Processes
Integrated CAD
LILAC accomodates technical information and diagrams including codes, images, descriptions, BoM listings, and schematic diagrams with dimensioning.
On-Site Barcode Printing
Barcode scanning is used extensively in modern manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail situations. Lennox Computers software products provide extensive support for the production, printing and scanning of a multiplicity of barcode formats in an extensive array of applications.

LILAC provides off-the-shelf functions to print EAN and other format barcodes for product labelling, processing and inventory applications.
Integrated Barcode Scanning
Lennox Computer are well positioned to provide barcode solutions for manufacturing, distribution, or trading enterprises.
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Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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