A typical example of a LILAC Stock Account document which establishes the parameters of an individual part or product.

Each stock account has it's own open-ended history of transactions - purchases sales, transfers, production etc.
Comprehensive dynamic stock status
16 character alpha-numeric product code (part number)
Stock Control Parameters
Cost & selling price flexibility
Provision for EAN-13 barcode
Supplier Tracking
Shipping Dimensions
Photo or CAD derived images
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LILAC Metal & Steel - Industry Software
A tailored version of the the LILAC ERP System with special features for metal industry applications is available either for distribution, wholesale or retail activity, with strong support for fabrication and metal manufacturing applications.

Here is an example of a quotation document generated by LILAC in a simple metal fabrication example.
Of a certain length.
At a price per tonne.
Prices extended and costed with instant quantity and unit of measure conversion.