Lennox Computer LILAC Business Software
8/14 Ashtan Place, BANYO 4014
Brisbane, Australia
Enterprise Automation ERP Business Software
Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing
eMail: info@lennox.com.au
Phone: 07 3267 7880
Est. 1980
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LILAC eCommerce
Mobile Business Software
Any combination of the devices below can be deployed with an:
Field service
Manufacturing setting.

Lennox Computer align Desktop PC work stations with:
Order picking, packing, and freight.
Forklift mounted mobile devices.
Welding Bay and Machining Work Centres.
A LILAC Server collects data via any combination of -
The LILAC ERP user interface is accessed locally, or remotely (world-wide) via -

Keyboard Entry
Touch Screen
Barcode Scanning
Desktop PC
Notebooks & Tablets
Mobile Phone
Mobile Integration
Lennox Computer - 07 3267 7880
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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