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LILAC Production - Processing & Scheduling
Manufacturing Software Package
The manufacturing version of the LILAC software package is a super-set of the LILAC Inventory & Order Processing suite. Incorporating Work in Progress accounting, Production Order processing, Bill of Materials explosions, and Production Scheduling.

It provides for accounting and tracking of raw material and component needs, (MRP) with automatic purchase ordering, production work order issue & tracking, with multi-level BoM explosion, production scheduling and work centre loading (with Gannt charts), customer billing, work in progress cost recovery and manufacturing profitability.
The LILAC Inventory ledger can be structured to account and track raw materials, part-finished components, and end-products as needed.

This enable seam-less integration of production processing with purchasing, sales, inventory and stock control.

The powerful multi-level Bill of Materials feature allows stock control and purchasing to be driven from combinations of customer orders for finished product, and production orders for part or fully finished product as required.
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