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LILAC Remote Client Setup Notes
LILAC Remote Client is installed on your Windows PC, from Lennox Computers LILAC Supported Software web page. LILAC Supported Software is found within the Downloads menu from the Lennox Computer Website.

From the Supported Software page, click 3. LILAC Remote Client and run the executable and enable any security, anti-virus, or firewall obstructions.

You will be asked to provide a password obtainable from Lennox Computer at that stage.

Use the mouse and keyboard to establish the parameter settings as desired, then click the 'Proceed' button to complete the installation. The illustration below may serve as a guide.
Destination drive letter to receive software.
Folder \LILAC3 will be created on the root of the selected drive.
Company ID Field.
User Name Field.
IP Address of the LILAC Server.
*After the settings are established click 'Proceed'.
* Upon completion of installation, open Remote Client through the Start Button menu of Microsoft Windows,
or as a tile on the start page in Windows 8.

The button should appear as follows.
Lennox Computer - 07 3267 7880
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
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