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LILAC Sales Order
All documents within LILAC are What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) in format, meaning documents are easily saved, eMailed, or printed as they appear on the monitor. The user is essentially operating in a 'form filling in' environment.

The Sales Order document will often be the starting point for Sales processed through LILAC.

It provides an effective entry and editing facility to permit the capture and recording of sales information.

The Sales Order is stored in the database allowing the document to be recalled at anytime from a range of devices.

LILAC systems can be configured to proceed directly from Sales Order to Invoice, or, proceed via a Work Order phase where significant, picking, packing, assembly, or manufacturing procedures are required.

Sales Orders contain account data, product, quantity and pricing. They can be manual entered or created from external EDI data.
Keyed by Debtor & Order Number
Sales Orders are stored in the database under a Key, which is a combination of the Debtor Key and the Order Number. This allow efficient document retrieval. The LILAC search function permits the review of sales orders for all customers.
Associated Documents
Picking Slips, Work Orders, Invoices, Delivery Dockets, and Freight Documentation are each generated from the the Sales Module.
Stock Control
The Sales Order document provides a flexible and powerful front-end to the Inventory Module. Stock figures for individual products are adjusted appropriately as sales processing proceeds. A Register function permits the recording of stock allocated to a customer prior to invoicing and shipment. Actual Stock figures are reduced at the Invoice stage.
Product Handling
The Sales Module is extensive in that it handles items with specialised measurement requirements such as timber, steel, liquids, sheet products, bulk products, meat, grain, perishables, and services. Full support is given for serial numbered products.
Barcode Processing
LILAC integrates barcode processing extensively to provide the link between front end and back end enterprise procedures.
LILAC offers the choice of a 3 phase sales processing sequence:
Sales Order >> Work Order >> Tax Invoice;
Sales Order
Work Order
Tax Invoice
Simplified 2 phase sequence:
Sales Order >> Tax Invoice;
Each of these documents are retrievable, easily printied, and eMailed.
Sales Order
Tax Invoice
Price Selection, Discount & Price Overrides
The correct selling price for a particular customer is automatically fetched from the Stock Account for each product on the order. Automatic % discounts can be set, and manual override of prices and discounts are available.
Order Progress Tracking
Data is recorded progressively in the database to allow the status of orders to be interrogated and tracked on a line by line basis. Individual order documents keep track of "Work In Progress" and "Item Shipped" line by line, and an Order Status report is available to present the big picture with respect to the outstanding order bank.
Integrated Accounting
The "behind the scenes" processing involved in turning a Sales Order into an Invoice document creates all the necessary accounting debits & credits to reflect all aspects of the sale. Including Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Stock Relief, Debtors, Freight & GST.
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