Lennox Computer LILAC Business Software
8/14 Ashtan Place, BANYO 4014
Brisbane, Australia
ERP Business Accounting Software
Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing
eMail: info@lennox.com.au
Phone: 07 3267 7880
Est. 1980
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LILAC eCommerce
Touch Screen Applications
Tablets and Mobile Computers
Data loaded directly into touch-screen devices can be passed to a LILAC Server Computer, which can then be accessed by all Client Workstation (PC's and other mobile devices).

We provide hand held digital solutions to track - sale, receipt, movement, and dispatch of goods. We provide business automation software for complex inventory settings and manufacturers ranging from small warehousing to distribution centres.

LILAC Software is in continualy development in conjuction with our industry users.

Warehouse Manager runs on both a Tablet and Motorola MC3190.
Motorola MC3190 Mobile Computer