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LILAC eCommerce
In-Built eCommerce - Database Integrated eCommerce
Active Server provides an interface between the LILAC 3 Accounting Database and the World Wide Web. Your customers can browse product catalogues complete with images, place orders and make credit card payments on-line through a secure payments service.
Zero Effort Web-site Maintenance
The simple act of adding a new product or changing a price or description in the LILAC data-base is instantly available on your eCommerce web-site, because the LILAC Active Server module creates the HTML presentation directly from the LILAC database when the customers web browser connects to your server.

Even though LILAC is creating your eCommerce web-site for you, you can still control the "look & feel" by specify the layout, fonts, colours and graphics to be used.
Highlights of the LILAC Active Server Module
• Basic HTTP server operation for home page hosting and HTML web-site presence.

• Direct dynamic interface to the LILAC 3 data base for product pricing, description and stock.

• Synthetic HTML generation from LILAC 3 database ensures that your Internet catalogue is fully up-to-date at all times with zero additional effort.

• End-users see familiar HTML based forms, and product lists with single click product selection, and a shopping basket accumulation regimen.

• Sales Orders are created in the database from the remote customers www browser keyboard input ready for picking or scanning, invoicing and shipment.

• eMail based order notification interface – signals your sales department when an Internet client submits his order.

• Support for the NAB Secure Payments system for confident processing of credit card payments by general Internet customers.

• Optional provision of a logon process using customer key and password to permit established debtor’s account customers to purchase on their approved terms.

• Active Server runs on the same computer that hosts your LILAC 3 database server, via a link from your separately hosted home page, or if preferred as your primary www server.

• As part of the package, Lennox Computer will establish and maintain DNS entries to present your www presence as desired.

• Directly interfaces to Lennox Computer’s RF bar code scan based warehousing, distribution and despatch systems, for fast efficient processing of orders.

• Economical – lean mean and hungry HTML generation provides fast response even on remote client computer with lousy Internet bandwidth.

• Requires LILAC Inventory product or better, as a prerequisite.

• Provides an extensive flexible reporting interface so that remote clients can enquiry about their order status, account balance and sales histories.

• Join the huge surge in Internet based retailing wholesale and distribution, and reap the benefits of a world wide marketplace.
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