LILAC-STOCK More details
LILAC Order Processing, Invoicing, Stock Control & Accounting $26275.00
The entry level LILAC package for distribution, wholesale & retail trading, with fully automated operaton for the small to mid-range trading enterprise. Sales Orders & Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Fully Integrated Accounting to Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet. Kit/Bill of Materials Support.
LILAC Electronic Commerce Package $39851.00
Adds powerful www support to the LILAC-STOCK database so that marketing, catalog and shopping basket facilities are implemented with zero effort.
Metal Industry Software Package $39053.00
All the features of the LILAC_STOCK package plus specialised estimating and quotation features for steel & aluminium products and strong support for metal fabrication & manufacturing activity.
LILAC-TIMBER More details
All the facilities of the LILAC STOCK package plus timber tally. $40650.00
Comprehensive handling of timber stock with units, quantities and dynamic timber tally calculation and conversion.
Job Cost and Work in Progress Accounting $26275.00
Full LILAC Integrated Accounting with Work-in-Progress ledger and WIP to Cost-of-Sales recovery in Progress Claim managment for Construction and Contracting applications. Includes integerated Payroll ledger with Single Touch Payroll Phase 2, on-line connection to the ATO.
All the facilities of the LILAC JOBCOST package plus integrated billing $39053.00
For Labour Hire & Employment Agency operations with extensive payroll and client billing accrual, Time cost capture and labour analysis.
LILAC Manufacturing System $72594.00
All the features of the LILAC-STOCK package plus extensive Bill-of-Materials, Material Requirements (MRP), Production Scheduling & Manufacturing Accounting
LILAC Mid-Size Manufacturing System $47039.00
All the features of LILAC-STOCK, LILAC-JOBCOST, LILAC-ECOMMERCE, LILAC-METAL LILAC-MANUF packaged for the medium sized enterprise with a total of six portable user licences included.
Order Processing, Accounting & Stock Control + Warehouse Management $83774.00
All the features of the LILAC STOCK package plus large-scale warehouse management with barcodes & RF hand-held scanners.
A comprehsive package of features for the larger enterprise $152454.00
LILAC-STOCK functionality in larger local and wide-area network situations plus Warehouse Management, EDI, MRP, Freight management extensive barcode support RF hand-held scanners etc
Asset Managment Module for LILAC $12900.00
An add-on to the LILAC General Ledger and Depreciation Schedule which permits the recording of extensive details of tools, machinery, plant, equpment, buildings and any other fixed assets, for acquistion, tracking, maintenace, valuation, depreciation replacement and write-off. Including details of manufacturer, model, serial numbers, clock and odometer tracking.
(Additional) LILAC Client User Licence $2309.00
Portable LILAC User Licence to allow an individual staff member to log on to a LILAC server from any single workstation PC at a time at any location.
Payroll Add On Module for LILAC-STOCK Includes Single Touch Payroll $8900.00